2016 Projects

Program 1; Education

1.1 Project: Final Year High School Students in Underprivileged Schools

Purpose: Supply laptop computers and tablets to final year students in ugnderserved high schools to enable them research the internet for home work assignments, for preparation of SAT and ACT tests, and to research colleges and universities and financial aids.

Target Beneficiaries: 200 final year high school students in underprivileged schools.

Budget: $200,000.00

Program 2: Health

2.1. Project: Independent water production for homes in Flint, Michigan.  

Purpose: Children in Flint, Michigan have been poisoned by drinking led contaminated water and there is a need to donate independent water production equipment to enable poor homes to produce their own clean water in a sustainable manner.

Target Beneficiaries: 100 homes

Budget: $300,000.00

2.2. Project: Early diagnosis of Malaria in Africa

Purpose: Millions of people die every year in Africa because of malaria due to inability to early detection. Early detection through rapid or faster diagnosis of the malaria will help save many lives. We want to supply simple devices for faster diagnosis of malaria.

Target Beneficiaries: 1,ooo units of rapid malaria test kit to trural or community clinics in Africa.

Budget: $250,000.00

Program 3: Community Improvement

3.1 Project: Skilled Training for Unemployed Undergraduate Students from Poor Communities

Purpose: To provide high tech skills and competence training to graduates from community colleges and universities who can not get job because they lack the advanced skills for modern jobs.

Target Beneficiaries: 100 community college and university unemployed graduates.

Budget: $300,000.00

Program 4; Disaster Relief

4.1 Project: Temporary Shelter and Emergency Power Supply to Homes in Disaster Declared Zones

Purpose: To enable families have temporary shelters and generate independent electricity through solar and energy storage systems to people who have lost power due to effects natural disasters such as blizzard, hurricane, flood etc.

Target Beneficiaries: 100 homes in disaster declared zones

Budget: $3M


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Our VISION is to develop and deploy inexpensive high tech solutions to improve lives and combat community deterioration.