01 – What we're doing

Millions of people suffer and die every year because they don’t have the most basic necessities freely available to them. Help us change that.

The organization pursues two main programs: (a) Micro Nanotechnology /Advanced Manufacturing Education Program and (b) Micro Nanotechnology/Advanced Manufacturing Infrastructure Program. Supporting us to implement these programs contribute to educating needy students in science & technology; training more employable high-tech skill workers; increasing economic activities, alleviating poverty, increasing incomes, raising new entrepreneurs, preventing community deterioration, reducing juvenile delinquency, and lessening government burdens.


02 – Program/Project Summaries


To support primary and secondary education in underprivileged schools to help needy students to reach higher education. Additionally, to support undergraduate and graduate student scientific research in under served colleges and universities. We support funding for scientific research in the areas of low cost temporary shelters, low cost renewable energy technologies, low cost point-of-care medical devices, low cost technology for instant cooking of foods, and low cost clean water technologies for people and homes. We also provide job qualification training to unemployed graduates, veterans, and workers in distressed communities


To support the development and/or distribution of temporary shelters, low cost point-of-care medical device and low cost clean water technologies for people and homes in distressed communities or in disaster zones.


To support construction or renovation of micro business incubators, mini industrial parks, micro-high-tech training centers and funding inventions & product certifications for small firms to combat community deterioration. We also provide powered temporary shelters for homeless veterans in transition to permanent homes


To support distressed communities such as disaster zones, refugee camps and remote islands with temporary and powered shelters, low-cost renewable energies, point-of-care medical devices, instant cooking devices and clean water technologies.

03 – Non-profit Profile

LEGAL NAME: NanoLab Corporation
Doing Business As (dba): NanoLab Foundation



OWNER: Public Charity, Scientific and Educational Organization under 501 (c) (3) and governed by Board of Directors

AREAS OF FOCUS OF SUPPORT: Education, Health, Community Improvement and Disaster Management

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